Annoying Trojan Horse....

     It was too late to start the morning class. However, as a lecturer for the subject given I tried to run it better. Unfortunately, a strange thing occurred when I tried to find the material through the computer. After searching for a minute, I found those folders changed into strange pictures with different codes (torn, exe, xxx, or sometimes sexy). Damned! Those viruses attacked all the data in my device. I was confused for a moment and I had nothing to do. You could imagine this kind of situation when you were there, standing in front of your students with damaged material to be presented using LCD projector. One thing I could do is to find another audio-script and gave optional exercises in order they got something to learn from this morning lecture.
     Someone who is responsible for this problem should immediately fix it otherwise this kind of thing will happen again and it can disrupt the teaching-learning process!    
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The Sixth Meeting...

This morning lecture remind me a wonderful listening class in 2010. It was  a nice moment when we work in a group instead of work individually. Everything seemed great because it was an easy job to take the conclusion of the recording played by the lecturer. Once the recording played, I opened the audio-script and got the conclusion right away. Even it was very easy to put the best title because of the script. And.... it happened again when I did the same thing giving the same material to the students. They worked in a group and it seemed they really understood the material given. in fact, only one group got the right conclusion and put the best title based on the audio-script. Yes.... you are absolutely right! I said. But when I got closer, I saw one of them did the same thing as I did. He got the script from his laptop, and of course it was an easy way to conclude and to put the right title of the recording, even when you didn't listen to it. Good job, I said. But you Failed!!!    
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"It's an interesting thing to stay and enjoy this afternoon with an old friend.... Thanks, Buddy"...
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Teaching Tips

These are some hints for classroom discipline
1.Start by being firm with students.
2.Get silence before you start speaking.
3.Know and use students' names.
4.Prepare lessons thoroughly.
5.Walk around the class.
6.Maintain interest and curiosity.
7.Speak clearly.
8.Make sure your instructions are clear.
9.Have extra material prepared.

10.Look at the class directly when speaking.
11.Make work appropriate to pupils age, ability, cultural background...
12.Developed the art of timing you lesson.
13.Vary your teaching techniques.
14.Anticipate discipline problems and act quickly.
15.Avoid confrontations.
16.Clarify fixed rules and standards.
17.Show yourself as supporter and helper.
18.Use humor.
19.Choose topics that will activate students.
20.Be warm and friendly.
An interesting web to have a look:

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Teaching Tips

To help children when learn a new language teachers should:
1.Use English in class as the main language for communication.
2.Use gestures, actions and pictures to help children understand you.
3.Use gestures, actions and pictures to help children understand you.

4.Children need to talk in order to learn - let children use their mother tongue for communication especially to star with.
5.Recast in English what children say to you in their mother tongue.
6.Answer children in English.
7.Use their mother tongue for support when you do a new activity or if no one understand.
8.Talk a lot in English, they need to hear English.
- The more English the children hear, the more they will learn.
- They will learn gradually. Encourage them by responding positively.
- Use their mother tongue for support when you do a new activity.
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Traffic Jam


To be the first team to successfully move their


Imagine you have seven sheets of paper on the ground. Numbered from 1 - 7. You then will have 2 teams of three people. Have team one stand on numbers 1-3, and team two stand on numbers 5-7. Teams need to be facing the number four. The object of the game is to mover all three of your team to the opposite teams numbers. You have unlimited moves but you have to follow these two rules

1. You can only move into one space at a time.

2. You can only move into an empty space directly in front of you.

Or, you can move around a person who is facing you into a empty space.

The object is to be the set of teams that can do it the fastest.

Solution: - The trick is to move one side and then the other, alternating as you go. If often takes the group a while to see that you need to make sure that two people facing the same way are not standing next to each other. Once they see the pattern developing it is quite easy to complete the solution. Move 1 to 4, move 5 to 3, move 6 to 5, move 2 to 4, move 1 to2, move 3 to 1, move 5 to 3, move 7 to 5, move 6 to 7, move 4 to 6, move 2 to 4, move 3 to 2, move 5 to 3, move 4 to 5.


Number of Players: multiple of six, minimum of 12

Ages: 8 and up

Activity Level: medium

Equiptment: None

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